Sadness seems to demand gray;
Brighter hues just get in the way
Of wallowing, of wading through misery.

Does mood really affect color choice?
You wonder why you’re stuck all day
In a dull mood, dark, lost.

You’re “in the blues,” in a funk,
Your favorite color long gone, out of reach;
The brightness of yellow just a memory.

Metaphor is nearly tangible, touchable;
Saturation overwhelms you as your
Mood darkens, enveloping you.

White, sacred and pure, eludes you,
Hides from you, as you feel light years
Away from God and His angels.

No more innocence, no more hope;
No pleasant dreams,
Just horror and despair.

No freedom, no uncluttered openness;
Just the totality of gray, the
Absence of all color.

Gray, the hue of death, the shade of nothingness;
A tunnel devoid of light at the end,
The true opposite of hope.

2 thoughts on “Gray (A Poem)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I work with a poet at our local public library, and he is VERY good. I am in awe of his writing. “Gray” was my first poem in months. I feel inspired by your comment to write more often. Of course, poetry kind of needs to “hit you.” I’ll just have to listen for my muse.

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