There’s what I know,
The whole scope of things contained in my head.
And there’s what I don’t know,
Which makes me long for learning.

The ultimate, however, is what I don’t know
That I don’t know;
The unanswered;
The unasked;
The quiet walks through my mind, meandering.

There’s the quality of having experience,
Knowledge, and good judgment;
The quality of being wise.
A certain sophistication, scholarship
Or lore.

It is on this that I can base the soundness
Of an action or decision with regard to
The application of experience, knowledge and
Good judgment; often called the
Wisdom of tradition.

2 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Tradition

  1. I believe the cure for developing tunnel vision is humility. There is a hint of humility in admitting that not only don’t we know some things (and thus need to be open to learning and experience), but admitting that we “don’t know what we don’t know.” If we maintain this belief (this attitude), we can stave off arrogance and avoid developing tunnel vision. Thanks for your kind comment about my poem.


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