I follow this blog regularly. Derek’s post today is worthy of reblogging. It’s really well written and speaks to the problem at hand with “seperateness” and a failure to blend together as Christians. I especially like the comment that we need a lighthouse mentality, not a fortress mentality. Great job Derek.

Re-set: a life observed

And all in the crowd were trying to touch him, for power came out from him and healed all of them. – Luke 6:19

IMG_1937-001 tuning in – somewhere in another state

Once in a rare while – usually when traveling – I’ll find myself with limited radio “tune-in” options, and I end up listening to a few minutes of some deeply offensive preacher.

That’s what happened last week, and I caught ten minutes of “Rev Blowhard” at The First Southern Church of Exclusive Self-Righteousness (I couldn’t quite catch the name). He was building his case that Christians – the “right” kind of Christians – must insulate themselves from contamination.

The illustration he used went something like this: “If you put on clean white gloves, and go into the yard to deal with some mess, what happens? Well the mess gets all over the gloves, and the gloves become darker and darker. I wondered to myself,”…

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