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Addicted 2 The Chains

Forgiving yourself can be a tough one because the person who feels angry, and the person you’re angry with is the same person – YOU!  We get stuck in self-judgment.  We can’t let ourselves off the hook.  Maybe we betrayed our own integrity.  Maybe we betrayed someone we love.  We think we are bad and we don’t know how to get over it.

The-Four-Myths-of-Self-Compassion1) See your own innocence.  Close your eyes and imagine your childhood self.  See how innocent that child is?  If they did do something wrong – they didn’t do it on purpose!  Their intentions were pure.

They are beautiful.  Sweet.  Loveable.  In your higher self, take them in your arms and hug them.  Give them some of the love they never had.  Drink it in for a while.

2) Understand and Accept.  Close your eyes and imagine the you who did something you’re not proud of.

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