You ask me how you can be used to minister life to the Body of Christ [the Church]. Not by setting out deliberately to do a lot, nor indeed by running away…and doing nothing, but simply by letting the cross operate in the normal course of your walk with the Lord. Let the “slaying of Jesus” work in you, and life will manifest itself in others. For the building of His Church, God emphasizes the ministry of the Word above the ministry of the works. The Church is not to trust in miracles, for they may lead to outward things exclusively.

For many churches, general truth has taken the place of specific truth. They feel all is well if they are “conservative” or “orthodox” in their doctrine. By this reasoning, “fundamentalists” consider themselves on a higher plane than “modernists.” Yet they measure up in God’s eyes only insofar as they possess a true inward revelation of Christ, and no further.

The seed is the Word. We must know how the Spirit applies the Word to men today.

Excerpts from What Shall This Man Do? by Watchman Nee

I Look Foward to a Dialog on This. Please Comment.

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