Pennsylvania’s ABC-MAP program is an expansion of the pre-existing prescription drug monitoring program. The anagram ABC-MAP means “achieving better care by monitoring all prescriptions.” ABC-MAP will also aid regulatory and law enforcement agencies in detecting and preventing fraud and abuse. Making sure prescription drugs are not being over-prescribed is a necessary first step in curtailing drug addiction and also curbing the supply of excess drugs that can be used illicitly.

Until now, neither physicians nor dispensers had access to information that would help them address the growing negative effects of non-monitored scheduled drugs on the health and safety of Pennsylvanians. ABC-MAP will rectify this and give healthcare professionals the ability to address potentially fatal drug abuse and provide improved and streamlined care to their patients.

The ABC-MAP Board was created under Act 191 of 2014. This Board will help develop the policies and procedures that expand the state’s prescription drug monitoring program as outlined by the ABC-MAP initiative.

Dispensers and pharmacies must electronically submit information to the
system for each controlled substance dispensed, to include the name of the prescriber,
the prescriber’s DEA number, date the prescription was written, date the prescription was dispensed, name, date of birth, gender and address of the person receiving the prescription, the medication’s National Drug Code, the quantity and number of days supply, DEA registration number and National Provider Identifier of the dispenser, and the method of payment for the prescription.
Prescribers must query the system for each patient the first time a patient is
prescribed a controlled substance by the prescriber. If a prescriber believes the patient may be abusing or diverting narcotic pain medication, the prescriber must indicate the information obtained from the system in the patient’s medical record if the patient is new, or if it is determined that the drug should not be prescribed based upon information from the system.

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