The following was published in The Sunday Item, April 3, 2016, Sunbury, Pennsylvania regarding the rash of overdose deaths in the Susquehanna Valley.

Jan. 6, Female, 39, Shamokin, mixed-drug toxicity/prescriptions
Jan. 10, Female, 45, Zerby Township, mixed-drug toxicity/prescriptions
Feb. 4, Male, 27, New Columbia, heroin
Feb. 5, Male, 63, Mount Carmel, mixed-drug toxicity/prescriptions
Feb. 6, Male, 56, Sunbury, mixed-drug toxicity/heroin
Feb. 7, Female, 48, Mifflinburg, mixed-drug toxicity/prescriptions
Feb. 17, Female, 40, Shamokin, mixed-drug toxicity/prescriptions
Feb. 26, Male, 35, McClure, mixed-drug toxicity/heroin
Mar. 10, Male, 60, Mount Carmel, meth
Mar. 11, Female, 27, Shamokin, heroin
Mar. 13, Female, 33, Allenwood, heroin
Mar. 15, Male, 21, Shamokin, heroin
Mar. 21, Male, 37, West Chillisquaque, heroin

-Source: County Commissioners

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