Oh, how I mourn
a relationship
I never had;
I dream of days
I never owned.
How can true love
fall apart?
I reflected how
disrespected you must
have felt in your
to throw it all

As I let it
sink in, the
booze and the
drugs, and the
I stood where you
stood, and I
felt what you felt,
you stayed at all.

At the end, on
the day I thought
would never come,
you said,
“I don’t think I
love you.”
I winced when
you continued:
“I’m not sure I
ever loved you,
But I do know I
don’t lie like you

I adored you for
a season,
but we married for
a reason that could
not be sustained;
there is no more

© 2017 Steven Barto

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