Ethereal is, by its very concept, untouchable;
It is something that is out of reach;
It is pure, beautiful, unattainable.

It has been defined by some as aloof,
But I believe that to be an unfair characterization.
It is too much like, well, an assignment of value.

It would be a mistake to consider ethereal
To be haughty or standoffish;
It has no pride, no emotion, no empathy.

It is impalpable, created through poetic
Imagination, reaching far above this physical world;
It is without a corporeal body.

It is extremely delicate, highly refined,
And lighter than air; it is heavenly,
Beyond the bounds of what we call atmosphere.

It is not superior, but it does exceed and surpass;
It is elsewhere, and yet it is near. It is bodiless,
formless and spiritual, but vital to serenity.

It is airy, intangible and celestial.
It is, ultimately, the supernatural
happiness of a quiet death.

© 2016 Steven Barto